Restcloud Neck Stretcher for Neck Pain Relief, Neck and Shoulder Relaxer

Neck Stretcher

Relief Neck Pain in Just 10 minutes a day

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Original Design

Our unique, patented and innovative products are the key to relieving neck pain, easing headaches, correcting spinal alignment and improving posture.

Stretch Naturally

Offers vertical support, horizontal support, and curves stretch for more complete neck traction therapy. Comfortable to stretch by Gravity and Body Weight Naturally.

Easy to Use

It is portable, comfortable and easy to use. All you have to do is lay down on it, relax on it and feel the amazing stretch! 

Who Need Restcloud Neck Stretcher?

Are you suffering from neck pain? Prolonged bowing your head, sit still for a long time, improper sitting posture, stiff neck will cause your neck pain. You need a simple and effective physical solution, associated with consistent use, to help relieve neck pain and pressure, bulging discs, pinched nerves, sore muscles, TMJ and tension headache relief.

Suffer from neck,head,shoulder discomfort?

How Does Neck Traction Pillow Work for Neck Pain Relief?

Ergonomic design, the curve of neck relaxer matches the cervical spine. When you lay down on it, it offers vertical, horizontal support, and Curvature stretch for neck traction therapy, allowing the cervical traction pillow to position the head to reduce spinal pressure, support the cervical spine and help restore the C-shaped curve of the neck.

How Does Neck Traction Pillow Work for Neck Pain Relief?

Where Can You Use This Neck Relaxer?

It can be used on hard surfaces, such as home floors, outdoor flat ground, and it can also be used on soft surfaces, such as sofas, beds or yoga mats. This cervical neck stretcher is lightweight and portable. Easy to carry on and storage. Ideal neck and shoulder relaxer for home use, office and travel relaxing, so that people can enjoy cervical stretcher more comfortably to ease work or travel neck fatigue.

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Simple and Effective

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